Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for foreign users with a KP-account (accessing Teams)

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If you have received an activation mail to your KP-account in order to participate in a Teams-team at University College Copenhagen (KP), please use this guide to gain access and do not enter through on your first login attempt.
Upon finishing this setup, it is important to go to and select "Log på med KP login", login using your default password and change your password!

This guide applies to foreign external collaborators with an account from Univesity College Copenhagen (KP) when trying to gain access from outside of KP's network to the in order to use the Microsoft tools included in the account. This also applies when participating in Teams at KP.

It shows you what to do the first time you encounter the window labeled ‘Additional information required’ in order to configure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA); a necessity to gain access to KP's tenant.

Via the ellipsis (the three dots) open up an InPrivate-/Incognito-window (Edge/Chrome)

Go to and sign in

Enter your full KP-identity (your personal handle ending with and press "Next"

Login using your full KP-identity and your personal default password sent to you

Press ‘Next’ when the image ‘More information required’ appears

Set up authentication method through sms

Press "I want to set up a different method"

Choose "Phone" and "Confirm"

Enter phone number including country code and press "Next"

Enter the code and press "Next" twice

Press "Done"

Choose "No"

You can now enter Teams in the browser or even better: add your account in the Teams application, where the new Teams client is ideal for shifting between accounts.

Remember to go to and change your password!

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