Introduction to Itslearning (english)


1. Login

1.1. Go to - log in using your KP username and password. Click on 'Genveje' (1), and 'Itslearning' (2).

In case you have issues logging in you should contact Basen by writing a ticket on or call +45 70 890 990 weekdays from 07.45-15.00

2. Introduction to rooms

In Itslearning students have access to series of rooms. In a room you can see news posts, teaching plans, assignments, etc. You can either have a room for subject each term, or a room which includes all subjects during a term.

2.1. Find your rooms - When you are logged in to Itslearning you will land on your homepage. On the homepage you have an overview of all of your rooms. You can decide which rooms you want to star (1) and which not to (2). We recommend that you star all your current rooms. You can access a starred room from the homepage by clicking on the tab ‘Room’ (3).

3. Find and navigate in your teaching plans

You can either find you teaching plans through the calendar or the by clicking on the tab 'Planer'.

3.1. Find your plans via the calendar - Click on the tab ‘Calendar’ (1). Here you can view the schedule for the rooms you have marked in the column to your left (2). You mark a room by clicking on it in the column. Click on the icon on the bottom-right corner inside the scheduled session (3).

3.2. Find your plans via room - Get an overview of all the room’s plans by clicking on the tab ‘Plans’ (1). In your plans you can find subjects (2) and plans (3). A subject can include a series of plans which you can see by expanding the plans (4). Manage your view through the menu (5).

4. Notifications and messages

Itslearning sends notifications when you have new posts or receive feedback on assignments. The messaging tool also lets you chat with fellow students, groups and your lecturer.

4.1. Notifications - See the bell icon in the top-right corner for notifications (1). Click the icon to see the five most recent or click “Show all” (2).

4.2. Messaging - The messaging tool lets you send and receive. To access it, click on the message icon in the top-right corner (1). The quick view function shows the five most recent messages and lets you send a new one (2). Click “All messages” (3) to access the rest of the functions.

5. Itslearning app

The Itslearning app provides quick access to your content via your smartphone. Push notifications are particularly useful, instantly notifying you of new messages or notices in any of your rooms.

Download the app and specify "Københavns Professionshøjskole" as your school.

5.1. How to use the app - When logged in to the Itslearning app, you will find the navigation menu at the bottom of the screen.

1. Home: provides an overview of the latest activities in your rooms. Notifications are shown on the bell icon in the top-right corner.

2. Rooms: lists your rooms. Next to each room, you will find information about when they were last updated and the number of new items. When you visit a room, you will see the latest notices, updates, assignments, events, plans, resources, status and follow-ups, as well as the names of the participants.

3. Tasks: compiles an overview of your upcoming tasks in all of the rooms. You can access tasks and respond directly via the app.

4. Calendar: shows your upcoming scheduled events. Click on an event to see more details and access relevant materials.

5. Messages:Using “Messages”, you can chat with fellow students and your lecturer(s). To write a new message, click “+” in the top-right corner. Please note that if you address the message to multiple recipients, you will automatically open a single thread for all of them.

6. Videoguide

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